Rite Aid Coupon and Rebate Basics

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rite Aid accepts manufacturers coupons (MQ), Rite Aid coupons, and some may accept Internet Printable (IP) coupons. My local Rite Aid only accepts Rite Aid Internet coupons so check with your store first.

Rite Aid provides a monthly Rebate Catalog the rebates are called Single Check Rebates (SCR). SCR can be for the partial cost of a product or complete cost of the product. Once you purchase the product you enter your receipt online an account that you create with Rite Aid. At the
end of the rebate period or month you request your rebate check.

A consumer can use a coupon with a SCR allowing you to save even more money or sometimes make money.

Example: Toothpaste Cost
-2.69 SCR
-$1.00 MQ
= - $1.00
Overage $1.00 - tax on $2.69 if your state charges tax

Even better, Rite Aid will allow you to use a MQ with a Rite Aid (RA) coupon (cpn):

Example: Toothpaste Cost
-2.69 SCR
-1.00 MQ
- 1.00 RA cpn
= - $2.00
Overage $2.00 - tax on $2.69 if your state charges tax

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